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Mountainous Landscape


Conservation Science Institute (CSI) was founded in 2020 to provide the type of actionable science that broad-based partnerships need to solve natural resource management and wildlife conservation problems. Whether the ultimate goal is the recovery of an endangered species or sustainable ecosystem management, CSI will bring the right kind of information together so that communities of land managers, stakeholders, and environmental agencies can make informed conservation decisions in the context of real-world opportunities and constraints. 


Casey Lott has over 25 years of experience in conservation science. He has worked with a broad range of species, in a number of different ecosystems, on diverse environmental management problems. His skills with information synthesis, spatial data analysis, and the communication of complex information have helped to clarify conservation problems and management alternatives in several different systems.  



"Casey helped to fill many gaps in our understanding of Interior Least Tern habitat and population dynamics in relation to dam operations. His research, presentations, and communications Played a pivotal role in de-listing the Interior Least Tern."

- Rich Fischer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"By combining multiple data sources in a GIS, Casey very quickly provided new insights into the distribution of managed and protected wetland easements related to bog turtle conservation across the range of this Species."

- Bridgett Costanzo, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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